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NEW RELEASE - Rocket Dodgem

Continuing on from Rocket Shockwave, and our apparently obsession with rocket games...

Rocket Dodgem Feature Image

Dodge the missiles whilst picking up gems.

Different gems give you different rewards. Gold gems give you more credit to buy the better rockets, green ones give you a 2x speed boost for a while and blue gems give you a force field that can withstand a missile strike.

Your score is based on a combination of how long you survive, the gold gems you pick-up and bonus points for causing missiles to collide with each as well as getting multiples of 5 gold gems. As your credit grows you can exchange for faster and more agile rockets which will, in turn, give you more chance of surviving the missile bombardment for longer and pick-up more gems.

For those who don't mind watching the odd advert, we even give you a chance to double your score and increase the speed you gather credit for better rockets. We won't tell anyone if you don't. You'll see the odd advertisement at the moment. We plan to add 'no ads' in-app purchase soon. Don't forget, ad revenue goes towards doggy treats for Kasper.

Please rate and comment so we know you like the game. It will spur us on to improve it based on your feedback.

Available for Android devices...

Google Play Store Link Image

...also available for iPhone and iPad.

Apple AppStore Link Image

Rocket Shockwave

Our first foray into game development and the start of many...

Rocket Shockwave Feature Image

The planet is exploding and your only escape is by navigating the congested atmosphere by rocket.

Skillfully pilot your rocket, avoiding asteroids and space debris but make sure you keep and eye on your fuel and shield levels. Top-up on fuel as you escape on the floating fuel platforms. Land on a Space Station and you can get both fuel and top-up those shields as well.

Keep a mindful awareness of the destructive force of the shockwave that will be getting ever closer as you leave the planet and will be the cause of your ultimate destruction.

Available for Android devices...

Google Play Store Link Image

...also available for iPhone and iPad.

Apple AppStore Link Image

We have also made available a limited web version of the game on itch.io

Future Games

We are constantly thinking of new games to develop and bring to you all. The main driving factor being something we'd enjoy to play ourselves and will be fun to develop!